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Paintings: virtual gallery 

This site is a virtual gallery of acrylic paintings and watercolours made by artissimo. 

You will find 5 galleries (Landscape paintings,  seascape paintings, monuments paintings, nude paintings & abstract paintings). Each gallery is updated frequently according to the artist production. 

If you are interested in a painting, you ca send an e-mail  or visit the online shop

Paintings for sale 

You can buy some paintings shown in this web site. 

paintings for sale

Paintings galleries

Landscape paintings

painting field

Seascape paintings 

painting mare

Monuments paintings 

painting monumenti


Nude paintings 

painting nudes

Abstract paintings 

painting Abstarct

Landscape Paintings 
Gallery I
Seascape Paintings Gallery II Monument Paintings
Gallery III
Nude Paintings Galleriy IV Abstract Paintings GalleryV

On-line Workshop painting

To use all the interactive potential of Internet I decide to collaborate with surfers ...

on-line workshop

... using the on-line workshop you can direct my work choosing model and colors  of my next painting.

Come and see the first canvas coming from surfers demands paintings on demand